The reality is that a good defense attorney's services are not free.  The fees charged by criminal defense lawyers reflect much more than a client's criminal charges; the experience of the attorney, the time required to prepare the case, the complexity of the matter and even the court in which the case may be heard are just some of the various considerations we make when setting our fees.

There is some good news, however.  

First, if you are currently charged with a crime, your initial consult is free.  We believe that an accused defendant should not have to pay a lawyer before that lawyer is hired.  

Further, if you retain Mr. Parrett, in most cases he charges flat fees.  This means that you pay one known amount up front to cover all of the firm's and attorney's time spent on preparing and, if necessary, trying your case.  No monthly bills.  Just consistent help at a time when you need it most. 

In addition, we offer the ability to scale your payments.  What does that mean?  It means that we believe that a client who wants to hire us just to negotiate an outcome (or even just attend court when he or she enters a plea) should not pay the same fee as a client who knows he or she wants an all-out jury trial.  At Parrett Law, the fee fits the work a client requests; one size does not fit all.  

Finally, in some limited instances, we offer payment plans for those in certain circumstances.  For example, we will usually consider allowing a parent of a minor child charged with a crime to make payments at regular intervals.

If the cost of hiring a lawyer is a concern, give us a call.  You might be surprised what we can do for you.