Our Mission.


Parrett Law is a law firm dedicated primarily to representing and advising clients in matters of criminal defense. Parrett Law believes that citizens charged with criminal offenses need a focused, clear understanding of the legal system. We work to ensure that our clients' needs are met, in and out of the courtroom.



How we can help you

As a law firm focused on criminal defense, Parrett Law LLC is dedicated to representing clients accused of any level or type of crime, whether misdemeanors, felonies or traffic matters. 

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The right lawyer

Parrett Law LLC focuses on obtaining the best results for his clients whether through trial, negotiations or settlement. He strives to be a trustworthy advocate for his clients, in and out of court.

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What will it cost

We believe that an accused defendant should not have to pay a lawyer before that lawyer is hired. If you are currently charged with a crime, your initial consultation is free.

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The Right choice

Parrett Law is founded on the philosophy that preparation, communication and reputation are three of the most important factors that get our clients the best possible results.

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What i can expect

Facing a criminal charge is daunting. There are numerous rules, procedures and processes in place before you ever even get to a courtroom or to trial.

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Contact us now

You can get in touch with us by visiting the office, calling us, sending us a fax or email and consult us by Skype over a computer. Parrett Law is focused on helping you today.

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