As a law firm focused on criminal defense, Parrett Law LLC is dedicated to representing clients accused of any level or type of crime, whether misdemeanors, felonies or traffic matters. Attorney Joshua Parrett has represented clients charged with nearly every possible criminal offense, including:

- Speeding, Reckless Driving, DUI (driving under the influence), DUID (driving under the influence of drugs), Eluding, Hit and Run, Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License, Habitual Offender charges, and other traffic offenses

-  Petit Larceny, Simple Possession of Drugs (e.g. Possession of Marijuana), Trespassing, Assault and Battery, Failure to Appear, Indecent Liberties and other misdemeanors

-  Grand Larceny, Possession of Drugs with Intent to Distribute, Malicious Wounding, Child Abuse and Neglect, Rape, Sex Offenses, Robbery, Murder and other felonies in both bench (judge) trials and jury trials

Parrett Law does not simply handle adult criminal matters. Mr. Parrett has represented countless minors charged with criminal offenses in the juvenile and domestic relations courts. Often times, juvenile delinquency matters have different possible outcomes than their adult counterparts. There are different rules, timelines and other considerations that apply in a minor's case. If your son, daughter or another minor in your care is charged with a criminal violation, including violations for conduct at school, you need a lawyer who understands the different options available in court.

Joshua Parrett has represented clients in serious criminal and traffic matters throughout Virginia. He appears regularly in Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg and Stafford courts. Whether a matter is in General District, Juvenile and Domestic Relations or Circuit Court, Mr. Parrett strives to be familiar with the judges, clerks and prosecutors of all jurisdictions where he appears. Parrett Law was also formerly located in Chesterfield County where the firm focused on criminal defense, and Mr. Parrett is well-acquainted with Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Richmond and Henrico, as well as Caroline, Westmoreland and Prince William Counties.

We represent citizens accused of violations of law which could result in fines or jail time. We advocate for those whose lives are being inspected for suspicions of wrongdoing. We ensure that our clients are respected, and their cases are handled with care and concern for the outcomes and the effects the client will face. And whether a case is fought at a jury trial, negotiated to a plea, or argued to a judge, Mr. Parrett works to give his clients all the information as they need to make a sound decision on how to proceed.  

We fight for your life.  Contact Parrett Law.