When you are charged with a crime, you want a lawyer committed to your case.  Parrett Law is founded on the philosophy that preparation, communication and reputation are three of the most important factors that can get our clients the best possible results.

Attorney Joshua Parrett knows the value of thorough preparation.  Whether it's filing a motion for discovery, requesting evidence from outside sources, contacting witnesses or just meeting with a prosecutor, Mr. Parrett knows that understanding the case against you is essential to forming a good defense.  At Parrett Law, we make sure that we are as prepared as possible at every step in your case.

Communication is the second emphasis of Parrett Law.  As a client, you should understand the case against you.  The elements of the law and the consequences you face should be explained to you in a clear, straightforward and respectful way.  Mr. Parrett remembers that you are the client; Parrett Law exists to serve you.  Mr. Parrett makes sure that you are given the information you need to make important decisions during a stressful time.

Finally, Mr. Parrett has spent years building a positive reputation with clients, the courts, prosecutors, law enforcement and other attorneys.  A reputation of being honest, respectful, trustworthy and thorough is a solid foundation for handling your case.  Mr. Parrett firmly believes that a good reputation will not only put clients at ease, but may even help smooth the path toward resolution of a case, whether it is through trial, plea or negotiation.

If you need legal assistance, call Parrett Law.  We have extensive experience in criminal defense, and may even be of assistance in non-criminal matters.  And if we cannot handle your case, we'll assist you in finding someone who can.  So contact us.  We'll get you headed in the right direction.